Markdown.NET 1.0.1 Released

Posted on January 02, 2005  |  

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After a couple of betas John Gruber, the author of Markdown, released ver 1.0.1. John decided to switch from a GPL license to the BSD one, therefore Markdown for .NET now comes with the BSD license as well.

Feel free to download Markdown for .NET ver 1.0.1 which is in sync with the latest codebase of the original Markdown.


Mohammad Abdulfatah
on January 18, 2005

Bravo! A marvelous piece of work! I can't thank you enough. The change of license is also very commendable, and should open the door to greater adoption of Markdown and Markdown.NET.

I know I'm getting greedy here, buy any chance of a SmartyPants port?

Anyway, good job, and thanks again.

Milan Negovan
on January 18, 2005

Yep, SmartyPants is bundled with the download.

on February 13, 2006

This doesn't work properly with version 1 of the framework. Bolding italicizes the text. Numbered lists treat each item like they are h1's.

Some text about which version of .NET this is aimed at would be great. Support for 1.x of the framework would be even better.

Joakim Magnussen
on November 4, 2006

You still haven't fixed the '45 % dec' bug on line 1204. :(

Everyone: Replace line 1204 with this line to get 45 % decimals, or you will only get 90 % hexadecimals:
return string.Format ("&{0:d};", (int)c);