Edit-and-Continue Should Be an Individual Setting

Posted on May 18, 2006  |  

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Now that the Web Application Project for VS2K5 is released, you have no excuse not to migrate to 2.0. :) You should feel comfortable with the familiar setting of a solution with projects, each compiling into its own assembly. Deployment should remain pretty much the same, too.

One of the most anticipated features is Edit & Continue (see first screenshot in Scott’s post). It works in tandem with the personal web server (Cassini). IIS is an NT service, and can’t be launched as a process. Therefore you are limited to Cassini.

In my experience, Cassini is painfully slow on a decent-size project. To be precise, its ramp-up time is unacceptable.

If your project is in source control and you want to choose between IIS and Cassini, you have to check out the project file. Therein lies the problem: this is a global setting. For example, when you select “Set As Start Page”, it’s your individual setting. It does not require messing with source control.

I believe every developer should choose this for him(her)self. Their dev machine configuration might be less or more favorable for Cassini. Storing this setting on a project level creates a nightmare in no time.

I’m submitting this to the MSDN Product Feedback Center as a suggestion. Please cast your vote for or against it.

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Gauthier Segay
on May 27, 2006

Possibly, setting the web project as a simple dll project will do a terrific time saving, especially when vss (anyway, who use this nowadays) with vs.net 2003 is stuck in your way (trying to resolve project via iis...).

I've found that this way of setting up web project is far less pain since you are not bothered by either iis or cassini specific setup (it's the developper that choose wich one to use), and that don't affect the versionning scheme you are using in any way.

This is the scheme I use for any web project I'm asked to work on or simply setup.